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Karla Ferro

Certified Tumor Registrar (2005 National Cancer Registrars Assoc.)

Certified Integrative Nutrition Counselor (2017 Institute for Integrative Nutrition- NYC)

Certified Electromagnetic Frequency Specialist (2018 EMF Sol/Cory Hillis)

Public Speaker on Health/Wellness, Nutrition and EMF Radiation

My Passion: Educating, empowering and elevating other's frequency by improving their health inside & out.    

I continue my professional career at a local Cancer Center,  however I have discovered my passion is more on the preventative and holistic spectrum.  

I love my thriving practice and all who walk through my doors with that determined gleam in their eyes.  I am humbled by their achievements and so proud of every single one of my clients.  I have been blessed with incredible mentors and continue to seek out ways to enhance my practice and elevate my own frequency through daily practice.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

My Journey

Doing what I love as an Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner came as a labor of love to myself  to be honest.  I started the day I disallowed stress to continue to make me ill.  It was a painful but most essential process in becoming who i wanted to become for myself and others.  Change is never easy.  I wanted to find my voice and get my message out to everyone experiencing a similar situation.  We all have a our own journey & purpose.  

On this path to wellness I have found that nothing worth achieving is easy.  I learned that by being more mindful & grateful in my day I felt more fulfilled.  I am proud to be able to offer this extraordinary program.  It is rewarding to help others transform their lives by improving their own well-being & achieving BioBalance(c) of Body, Mind & Spirit.  

> ^ <

There is a reason and purpose for everything, whatever yours is today I  hope you find what you seek.

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2 days ago I was beginning to get sick, but didn't.  Must be my excellent coach! :)  I am also taking my whole food capsules and what a difference it makes!  Thank you!

I like the nutrition information you give us, it's to the point and easy to follow.  you give us good tips and your experience with it.  I feel encouraged, i feel that i can do this and I don't feel pressured or anxious.

So far the changes that i feel is encouragement & wanting to stick with what i am doing so I can add other goals to my life.

Honestly, we have done it all, Tijuana diet doctor, Jenny Craig, UCSD weight loss, & much more, but the one thing that has clicked for me is that you talk about adding good things to what I am doing.  You have never said "stop" and "don't" for me mentally that takes the anxiety and pressure and i feel I can make better choices.

Your personality makes me feel at ease and you are a great listener.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and teach us what you are learning.

EMF Testimonials:

 wow I want thank you for everything. I have to say that this is first time in a very long time I feel much better when I woke up this morning. I did not share with you all my health problems because I did not want to take up your time to share with me about the product line. But this is amazing I have for a very long time had breathing problem through my nose as if I always have a block nasal passage on one side or the other all the time. And it's amazing I place the product under the mattress and when I woke up this morning I can breathe normal and I feel much better.