Brief explanation on EMFs

EMFs, a serious threat to our health. 

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EMF Videos and Information

Dr Martin Pall explains in detail the effects of EMFs on the body.   

Cory being interviewed By Del BigTree

Cory is the man that trained me.  He also shows what would be a typical home inspection.

Important EMF information

EMF information you will find useful and glad to know.

Interview with Bioinitiative.org and Brain Tumor Association

Neurological effects from EMFs

Wireless radiation toxicity

Wireless devices and the effects on the body

Check out this great video

Barrie Trower on 5G Microwaves

Barrie Trower was in the British Army Secret Service and speaks about EMFs used as weapons for mass destruction.

Dr. Devra Davis PhD on EMFs

A bit of a long video, but sure worth watching and learning.

Take Back Your Power (full movie)

A must see documentary 

5G and how it affects the body

Check out this great video

thermal testing by Cory

Thermal imaging on the effects of cellphone use and proof the products i sell work :)

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